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Book directOwners & property managers across the globe are using the HASHTAG #bookdirect to help educate guests on the advantages of booking directly with owners and property managers to obtain the best price for bookings. 

There are many advantages in bypassing third-party channels to book directly with management companies and homeowners.

Both management companies and owners strive every single day to provide amazing experiences for guests. OTAs ( Online Travel Agencies )  like AirBnb Homeaway TripAdvisor etc and third party sites have made recent changes to their business models that are detrimental to BOTH  guests and vacation rental providers (including managers, owners, and hosts).

Did you know that Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and TripAdvisor add hundreds of dollars & pounds worth of fees to your booking total?

The best price isn’t on the OTAs: 

Unlike hotels, OTAs and aggregators (like Airbnb, Expedia,,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, and FlipKey) don’t have the best price for travelers. In fact, you can save hundreds by booking direct and booking local. 

How you may ask ? How can you #BookDirect?

You can usually find clues in the property listings on the online travel agency ( OTA) sites eg the Property name or the Property management name in the owner / manager details  visible on the listing.

It is always worth a Google search on the property name or right click the image to search Google by image you will see all the sites that use the image and find your way to the direct source of the property listing.  Just compare prices! You will be glad you did you can save £100’s !! and Dollars and Euro’s! 

Try local or regional listing sites Lots of owners have their own web pages or advertise on small local agency websites such as KeyStay who work very hard o answer guest queries on owners behalf.

You can search by area or name. Also, check for a local or regional “groups’ . You will find many owners on these groups and you can post what you are looking for or ask for recommendations.

Use to unveil owner contact info on Homeaway. You can either use their new look up tool at or install the browser extension called “staysavr” on your desktop browser. It is available from . Once installed, you can visit Homeaway. Owners Direct & Travel Mob A reported 70% of the listings will now show the owner’s phone or email address and you can contact them directly!  Either option is a great way to save big $.

Use the major listing sites to search for properties you like.

Make note of the “name” the owner has given the property….like Parkers Pad or Upper North Street. Then go to Google and search for that name, chances are the owner has a website or a local agency that will allow you to book direct.

If you are using Google’s Chrome browser, simply right click on the main photo of the house and select “Search Google for image” to find that image on the web. There is a good chance the owner uses the same images on his own site.

When you book direct, you have direct contact with the manager or owner: When booking a vacation rental, peace of mind is important. Want to know if there is a stairgate, a garden, a grocery store close by, more in depth parking information? When you book direct, you can find out answers to many of these  questions and before you commit to booking.

Managers and owners have intimate knowledge about the local destination: They can direct you the best rental for your needs and send you to the best activities, restaurants, and area service providers.

If you have SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS, a manager or homeowner can help: Looking for help with your family’s special requests or help with pets? A manager or owner can work with you directly to help with any of your individual needs and give you these assurances before you commit to a booking.

During non-peak travel times, managers and owners have SPECIAL OFFERS available: From events and activities to special rates to onsite services, with direct communication with managers and owners, you get insider knowledge and the best LAST MINUTE DEALS & offers.

So remember to use the hashtag #BookDirect #Brighton @key_stay on Twitter to find your way to us !

Good Luck!

Love & best wishes from Jane of KeyStay Brighton !!

Happy searching


Brighton Comedy Festival logo, Brighton Art Fair advert and a group of musicians.

Autumn is a great time to visit Brighton & Hove and experience some of the city’s fantastic festival offering. T From digital culture to food, comedy and music, here’s the best of the festival & arts events coming up in September and October.

Brighton Digital Festival

Brighton Digital Festival returns on 1st September for a month long celebration of digital culture. 100 events bring together the city’s arts and digital communities through a range of exhibitions, performances, conferences, meet-ups, workshops and outdoor events.

Brighton & Hove Food & Drink Autumn Harvest

Or if food is more up your street, tantalise your taste buds at the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Autumn Harvest Festival (4-14 September), which showcases the very best of the fantastic food & drink to be found in the city and surrounding Sussex.

Brighton Art Fair

For art lovers, the Brighton Art Fair (26-28 September) brings a more personal feel to the viewing and buying process, as visitors get to view art from and meet over 100 of the best contemporary artists from the UK and

Breakout Festival

If moshing is your thing, 2014 sees the Breakout Festival hit Brighton Racecourse on 27 September. Brighton’s first outdoor rock and metal festival, the Breakout line-up includes Funeral for a Friend, Skindred and The

Brighton Photo Biennial

Brighton Photo Biennial, the UK’s largest international photography festival, returns from 4 October to 2 November. BPB14 takes place online and in public spaces, galleries and pop-up venues across Brighton & Hove and beyond, involving more than 45 photographers and collaborators all bound by a common approach.

Brighton Comedy Festival

The Brighton Comedy Festival is sure to put a smile on your face from 10-25 October, as yet another stellar line-up of top and up and coming comedians have the city rolling in the aisles. 2014’s line-up includes Dave Gorman, Shappi Khorsandi and Jason Byrne.

 Brighton Early Music Festival

From 24 October to 9 November the popular Brighton Early Music Festival takes on the theme of Cities, Musical centres and the journeys between them. Events include Venetian festivities with La Serenissima and Nine Daies Wonder from The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments.

For more arts events across the city, visit our What’s On section.

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Booking direct is better for owners and managers and for guests! 

Booking direct is better for owners and managers and for guests!

Take away from the #BookDirect hashtag campaign Source :

For holiday home booking agents, property managers and owners, the #BookDirect movement is not a one-time pitch. Instead, it is a launchpad for an ongoing campaign to let travelers know:

  • When travelers book on large vacation rental websites like Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor, they are paying higher rates than when the book direct.  Extra  layers of booking fees, commissions, percentages  have been added into the rate that guests pay when booking via Airbnb Homeaway Expedia  & TripAdviosr. Its much cheaper to book & locate properties direct. 
  • Many of the best homes are not listed on the big well known sites.
  • Managers and homeowners know the properties and the area better than anyone and can better match travelers to homes and help plan a better vacation experience.
  • Travelers can find out about special offers that can’t be found on the big websites.
  • Managers and owners can better help guests optimize dates and budgets to fit their needs.

Mike Harrington :  It is now imperative that owners and property managers find new avenues of marketing—both direct and through listing and third-party sites “With our industry now squarely in the spotlight of the mainstream travel sector, continuing to market your local brand and what makes each location and company unique is becoming more and more of a challenge. Finding ways to highlight and educate travelers of the intimate knowledge that you offer of a unique property and area is something that everyone in the industry should want us to promote in order to elevate the guest experience that is so important to the long-term health of the vacation rental industry.”

Vince Perez, vacation homeowner, manager agreed. “Guest education is important because travelers appreciate and expect transparency when making important vacation decisions.”

Perez added, “We believe it is important that travelers get the best value for their vacation dollars. We don’t believe charging traveller hidden fees on vacation rentals that will drive up their cost by hundreds of dollars is the answer. This effort gives the vacation rental professional community a voice in educating the travelers on what is taking place and how it impacts the market….and their wallet.”



Booking fees are paid by guests for the use of their online property listings The charges are not insignificant with an additional 6 to 18 percent surcharge added into the rental rate, which translates to consumers paying hundreds of dollars more just to use these big websites.

“For months we have had customers calling us confused and frustrated by not being able to communicate directly with us.” Perez said. “To add insult to injury, we have to explain the ‘extra charges’ are being paid to the OTAs. Travelers are smart. They know value and what part of the value chain we play in it. We just need to educate them before they book.”


Vacation rental owners and managers are increasingly disheartened in trying to work with OTAs and listing sites. The frustration stems from the increasing and ever-changing revenue models and the elimination of their ability to communicate directly with travelers in the booking process. In contrast to hotels, vacation rentals are a more considered purchase for travelers which necessitates more Q&A between vacation rental providers and rental shoppers.

According to Heather Bayer, vacation homeowner and manager, founder of Cottage Blogger, and founder of the Vacation Rental Success Summit, “We are a movement they cannot ignore. Disruption can occur at any time, and it often starts with a rumbling of dissent. When this grows into a roar, we’ll be heard, not only by the OTAs, but in the heart of our market—our travelers and guests.”

Bayer added, “Today is only the start. What may be a rumble now will become a crescendo before too long.


In less than 4 weeks—and with a $0.00 budget—vacation rental owners and managers were able to quickly and effectively mobilize in a grass roots effort to reach over 18 million consumers with a cohesive #BookDirect message using only social media and email.

According to Steve Milo, founder and CEO of VTRips, “HomeAway and Airbnb will soon realize they do not have the power in the vacation rental space that they think they do. Given the dynamics of far more demand than supply, the power in this relationship is with owners and property managers with exclusive inventory.”

Heather Bayer echoed Milo’s sentiment, “Demand for vacation rentals is rising as this type of accommodation becomes a mainstream choice. Supply is critical to this trend so it’s important for travelers to know that the OTAs don’t show all the inventory. Giving them the information on where to find the best accommodation at the best prices…and with the best people—the owners and managers—is what they need to create the best vacation experience.”

As investors and analysts examine the vacation rental industry, it is worth noting that the “supply” is controlled by individuals and local, independent property managers who are capable and accustomed to voting with their feet.

“It’s been exciting to see the newsletters, posts, images, and tweets that they’ve developed and are sharing across their networks,” April Salter said. “I think the message to OTAs is that vacation rental owners and managers have a voice, and they intend to play a major role in shaping the future.”

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Fab time to rent in Barcelona with Keystay, thanks to strong pound

Fab time to rent in Barcelona with Keystay, thanks to strong pound – Peter Lavelle

Beautiful Barcelona Are you thinking of renting an apartment in Barcelona with Keystay? If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s now far more affordable to do so, because the pound to euro exchange rate has hit a 7-year high. To be specific, sterling recently touched 1.4256 against Europe’s common currency, its strongest since November 7th 2007.

What this means for you is that, when you exchange currencies to rent a Keystay property in Barcelona, you’ll now get far more euros than in the recent past. For example, if you exchange £2,500, you’ll now get +€560 more than if you would have done back at the start of 2014, when the pound was far weaker.

In other words, that’s +€560 extra sitting in your wallet, at no additional cost to you, just because the exchange rate has improved! With that sort of money, you could rent a more luxurious Barcelona flat with Keystay or extend your stay in Catalonia’s capital for a few days. Either way, you’ll really make the most of what Barcelona’s got to offer!

It could soon become even better value to rent with Keystay in Barcelona, if sterling climbs higher versus the Euro. The pound could exceed this 7-year high, first, if Greece exits the Eurozone, as looks entirely possible. Second, the pound may also continue to climb, because the UK economy is easily outpacing the Eurozone’s.

With this in mind, make the most of this advantageous exchange rate while it’s available, and rent a Barcelona apartment with Keystay today!

Here is a link to Keystay Barcelona Properties. Just select your check in dates and number of guests and reserve today!

Here’s another selection :

Article By Peter Lavelle – Pure FX

+44 (0) 1494 671800

PRESS RELEASE:  Make it at the Market

More Great Things to do in Brighton!

Saturdays, 13 & 20 December, 10am-5pm

Specky website-image-sew

This Christmas, the studios and stalls at The Open Market have teamed up to offer Brighton the chance to make some amazing Christmas gifts at the market! 

The traders in the market are opening up their units on the two Saturdays before Christmas and offering their special skills to help Brightonians create perfect Christmas presents for the people they love.  More and more people are looking to give gifts that come from the heart and support local businesses rather than from faceless chain stores.  Plus, there will be live Christmas music throughout both days and Father Christmas will be visiting from 10am-12pm on both days.

Just some of the Make it at the Market activities are listed below. A full list of activities will be posted in the market on the mornings of the 13th and 20th.

  • 13 December: Foodshed is offering a festive felting workshop with feral felting.  Help make an ‘Alternative Nativity’ to display at Foodshed for a week and make your own festive felty things!
  • 13 December: Brighton Naturally will help you make your own raw chocolate.  Learn about the many health benefits of Cacao and the other superfoods used in chocolate making. 11-12pm and 3-4pm.
  • 13 December: The fully qualified herbalists at Brighton Apothecary will help you make your own bath salts. Mix your own scented bath salts with beautiful dried herbs and petals. Perfect stocking filler!
  • 13 December: The amazing up-cyclers atShaboutique will help you print/create your own one-of-a kind tea towel.
  • 13 & 20 December, 10-2pm: Sew Fabulous will help you make handmade Christmas decorations using simple embroidery techniques. This workshop is suitable for adults and children over 8. Participants can join the workshop at any point up until 1pm.
  • 13 & 20 December: Pelotas Productions will help you make colourful juggling balls for the want-to-be circus performers in your life.
  • 13 & 20 December: Partially Obscured is running drop-in glass making sessions. Come create glass Christmas tree decorations, hanging decorations and design your own colourful square glass bowls.
  • 13 & 20 December: Chili Gems will help you make affordable necklaces, bracelets and earrings out of your favourite authentic gemstones. Make something special with the birthstone of someone you love.
  • 13 & 20 December, 2:30-5pm: Sew Fabulous will help you make your very own individual Christmas decorations and learn the skills to make more! Sparkling stars, bonkers baubles, as simple and subtle or complex and crazy as you like. A basic knowledge of crochet would be useful for this workshop. Participants need to arrive by 2.30pm.
  • 13 & 20 December: The qualified herbalists at Brighton Apothecary will help you make your own natural face cream and toner.
  • 13 & 20 December: Artist Alison McGechie will be running workshops for adults and children in basic handbuilding skills as an introduction to working with clay11-12pm (kids) and 2-4pm(adults)
  • 20 December:  Foodshed will help you make Christmas baubles that can be planted in the spring! Make wildflower seedbomb baubles with Josie Jeffery Author of “Seedbombs: Going wild with flowers.”
  • 20 December: Brighton Naturally will help you make your own unique crystal jewellery and learn the properties of the crystals and how they work.

For more information about the Make it at the Market days or anything to do with The Open Market, please contact Lisa Lepki or 07419374276

Brighton Open Market
Marshall’s Row
Brighton BN1 4JU
tel: +44 (0)7419 374276

Please note: my usual hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 5pm, though this is subject to change.

Registered Office: Ethical Property Company, The Old Music Hall, 106-108 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1JE – Registered No: 02961327

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Things to do on a visit to Brighton

1. Snoop in Snoopers Paradise.

Take a snoop in Snoopers Paradise.

Snoopers Paradise  a wondrous treasure trove of vintage tat and antiques. In the North Laines Kensington Gardens, a unique Brighton collective featuring over 20 designers, makers and hoarders selling goods. You’re bound to leave with something.

2. Marvel at the graffiti in the North Laine.

While you're there marvel at the graffiti in the North Laine.

With somewhere as creative and free spirited as Brighton, there is  a lot of street art in and around the town. But none more so than through the North Laine.

3. Nibble some fudge at Roly’s Fudge Pantry.

Snack on some fudge at Roly's Fudge Pantry.

Based in the North Laine, you’ll find this gem of a fudge shop. Roly’s Fudge Pantry with the best crumbly fudge ever. Pop in and devour.

4. Or feast on some choccy instead at Choccywoccydoodah.

Or feast on some chocolate instead at Choccywoccydoodah.

Chocolate and art you say? Choccywoccydoodah is home to a dedicated team of artists, designers and chocolatiers who specialise in creating decadent, bespoke wedding cakes, chocolate birthday cakes and unique chocolate gifts. They’re almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

5. Wander through Brighton Flea Market.

Wander through Brighton Flea Market.

If you’ve not found what you’re looking for, there are plenty more places to come across a unique find in the city. So if you want antiques, furniture or interesting old items pop along to the flea market at the weekends or on bank holidays.

6. Or there’s always Upper Gardner Street Market.

Or there's always Upper Gardner Street Market.

Never knew Brighton was so good for shopping? Well, it is. Especially for something unique. On Saturday’s Upper Gardner Street is home to a market of all sorts of odds and sods and is full of buzzing character. Head there for old records, artisan jewellery and cool vintage finds.

7. Catch a comedy show at Komedia.

Catch a comedy show at Komedia.

This venue is the place to go to for comedy nights, from household names to up and coming artists. They also hold cabaret and club nights, too so you’ll never be bored.

8. Enjoy some fresh fish and chips at The Regency.

Enjoy some fresh fish and chips at The Regency.

You’re by the seaside, so of course you want to sample some nice fresh fish. Head down to The Regency, which is still one of the oldest and most popular seafront restaurants. You can pick from traditional fish and chips, or try their mussels.

9. Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a coffee at Marwoods.

It’s the perfect place for a “kick arse” caffeine fix in the South Laine. And if you have room, try out their “life changing” cakes as well.

10. Devour some brownies at Cloud 9.

Devour some brownies at Cloud 9.

Close to Marwoods you have Cloud 9, perfect for an amazing sweet treat. We recommend the brownies, but there’s ice cream and plenty else on offer, too.

11. Work it all off with a spot of kayaking.

Work it all off with a spot of kayaking.

As you’d expect for a busy city by the sea, there are plenty of water sports on offer for the more adventurous or active. Brighton Water Sports let’s you hire kayaks for £10 per person per hour.

12. Cycle to Rottingdean.

Cycle to Rottingdean.

Kimberley Dadds/BuzzFeed

If you fancy staying dry then bike hire is the next best thing. Either enjoy a cycle along the promenade, or make it a slightly bigger excursion and cycle along to Rottingdean. Perfect on a lovely day.

13. Enjoy a paddle around the pier.

Enjoy a paddle around the pier.


Take off your shoes and take a paddle around the pier. It’s great for reflection while soaking up the atmosphere of the beach.

14. If rum’s your tipple head to Saint James.

If rum's your tipple head to Saint James.

You can even enjoy rum tastings at this popular Brighton haunt as it runs theBrighton Rum Club. Brimmed full of different types of Rum, it’s also home to some delicious Thai food. What’s not to like?

15. Prefer whiskey? You’re in luck.

Prefer whiskey? You're in luck.

Head to The Great Eastern for a fine selection of whiskeys to happily get you on your way.

16. But what about gin?

But what about gin?

Well then you have The Office. Located on Sydney Street this light and airy bar boasts dozens of gins to take your fancy. Spoilt for choice.

17. Sample some Indian food at Indian Summer.

Sample some Indian food at Indian Summer.

For authentic Indian food to soak up all that alcohol, look no further than Indian Summer.

18. For vegetarian food you can’t beat Terre à Terre.

For vegetarian food you can't beat Terre à Terre.

For the finest vegetarian cuisine, head to Terre à Terre, where vegetarianism is “more about indulgence than abstinence”. Situated in the historic lanes, the restaurant is just a stone’s throw from Brighton Beach. And not only does it taste delicious, but the presentation is a huge highlight as well.

19. Be entertained at the Brighton Dome.

Be entertained at the Brighton Dome.

Situated in Brighton’s cultural quarter, the Brighton Dome always has an exciting schedule of events going on. Everything from dance shows, to gigs, to plays and workshops are held at the iconic building.

20. Lap up the live music scene.

Lap up the live music scene.

Dave Etheridge-Barnes / Getty Images

Brighton is one of the main stop offs for music acts touring the country, so you’re bound to see someone you like there. But aside from big names, there are many local groups entertaining the locals and visitors alike throughout the many venues in the city. For a definitive list click here.

21. Get inked at Nine Tattoo Studio.

Get inked at Nine Tattoo Studio.

If you fancy a reminder of your trip that’s a little more lasting then there’s nowhere better to get inked than the Nine Tattoo Studio. The bespoke tattooists is home to several talented skin artists. You can find them between The Coal Shed Restaurant and the Fiddlers Elbow Public House on Boyces Street.

22. Head to the Pier.

Head to the Pier.

Brighton Pier may seem like a tourist trap, but you can’t not take a visit there at least once. Buy yourself a pint, wander into the arcade, have a stroll and reflect on one of the coolest cities around. Walk to the end and it gives you a great view looking back on the bohemian beauty.

23. Sup some cocktails at Shuffle Bar.

Sup some cocktails at Shuffle Bar.

Awesome cocktails, awesome staff AND you even get to choose the music being played. If you want cocktails, then Shuffle Bar is your place.

24. Have a dance at the Green Door Store under the train station.

Have a dance at the Green Door Store under the train station.

If you’ve got your dancing shoes on then avoid the tourist spots and head to theGreen Door Store under the station. There are plenty of club nights on offer and live music is sometimes available, covering everything from reggae to jazz and soul.

25. Nurse your hangover during a breakfast at Bill’s.

Nurse your hangover during a breakfast at Bill's.

It’s a Brighton absolute must. Bill’s is the place to go for a perfect breakfast the morning after the night before. Formerly a bus depot, there’s plenty to look at inside while you while away your morning with friends and chow down on your breakfast.

26. Relax during a roast dinner.

If you’re in Brighton on a Sunday, then it’s a necessity to head to a pub and enjoy one of the cities finest roast dinners. You can’t go wrong with Earth and Stars or Lion and Lobster.

27. Take part in or watch in awe at the Brighton Marathon.

Take part in or watch in awe at the Brighton Marathon.

You might not fancy taking part yourself, but head to Brighton during its annualmarathon and you’re sure to be surrounded by a good vibe. It’s usually held the first weekend in April.

28. Have a crazy time at Pride.


Jennifer Cockerell/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Brighton’s known for its extravagant and fun Gay Pride in August. Expect to see colourful people in an extremely colourful atmosphere. Fun guaranteed.

29. Or the Beach Of The Dead Zombie March.

Or the Beach Of The Dead Zombie March.


It’s become one of the staple events in the Brighton diary. The Beach Of The Deadzombie march can be quite terrifying for visitors not expecting to see drunk zombies crawling around town. But a lot of fun for those involved. In fact, Halloween is a great time of year to visit Brighton as it’s celebrated in a huge way there.

30. Gawp at the Naked Bike Ride.

Gawp at the Naked Bike Ride.

Okay, so this one won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. The annual Brighton Naked Bike Ride is quite the spectical, however. The perfect celebration of cycling and the human body.

31. Make the most of a free festival: Kemp Town Carnival / St Ann’s Well Gardens Spring Festival.

There are many free festivals taking place throughout the year in Brighton. Two of the best include Kemp Town Carnival (in June) and the St Ann’s Well Gardens Spring Festival (in May). Expect a lovely vibe, music and food.

32. And certainly don’t miss the Brighton Festival or Brighton Fringe.

And certainly don't miss the Brighton Festival or Brighton Fringe.

Holger Talinski

Brighton Festival is an annual celebration of music, theatre, dance, circus, art, film, literature, debate, outdoor and family events – taking place across the whole of Brighton & Hove for three whole weeks every May. Be in awe and enjoy the varied events on offer. And make sure you also check out Brighton Fringe, one of the largest fringe festivals in the world held throughout May.

33. Visit for the Burning of the Clocks/Winter Solstice.


Gareth Fuller/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The people of Brighton & Hove gather together to make paper and willow lanterns to carry through their city and burn on the beach as a token for the end of the year. Every year on 21st December, the shortest day of the year, the Burning the Clockstakes place. The event combines a family lantern procession with a spectacular fire and fireworks show, bringing the whole city together to celebrate.

34. Enjoy marine life at Brighton’s Sea Life Centre.

Enjoy marine life at Brighton's Sea Life Centre.

Situated right on the seafront next to Brighton’s iconic pier, SEA LIFE Brighton is the world’s oldest operating aquarium and provides an awe inspiring look at life below the waves.

35. Get tantalised at Taboo Sex Shop.

Get tantalised at Taboo Sex Shop.

The “adult boutique” has even won awards thanks to its naughty goods inside. If you want to come away from Brighton with some bondage toys, this is your place.

36. Lie in front of Brighton’s Big Screen.

Yes, you can watch a movie on the beach! And what makes it even better is that it’s completely free. From mid June til mid July members of the public can sit and enjoy an outside communal film.

37. Or head to the Duke Of York Picture House instead.

Or head to the Duke Of York Picture House instead.

If the weather’s not as good then the Duke Of York Picture House is the perfect place to enjoy a film in the city. The art house cinema is pretty enough to just look at itself.

38. Have a Mexican fiesta at Carlito Burrito.

Have a Mexican fiesta at Carlito Burrito.

If it’s Mexican that you fancy head straight to Carlito Burrito. With promises of a burrito bar, mexican street food, seafood tapas, mexican beers, Organic Mezcals, Tequilas, cocktails, great tunes and festival vibes all year long, you will not be disappointed.

39. Stock up at Taj Groceries.

Stock up at Taj Groceries.

Or if you fancy cooking yourself then head into Taj Groceries and lap up the smell sensations. Shop for any spice you can possibly imagine and stock up on tons of international food.

40. Visit the Royal Pavilion.

Visit the Royal Pavilion.

Come on, you have to! It’s a Brighton landmark you can’t miss from the outside. But head inside and you’ll be able to lap up the history. Built for the Prince Regent, later King George IV, in stages between 1787 and 1823, the Royal Pavilion is remarkable for its exotic oriental appearance both inside and out.

41. Go paddleboarding for some zen.

Go paddleboarding for some zen.

Jordan Mansfield / Getty Images

It’s the latest water sport people are going crazy about. And there’s no better place to do it than in Brighton. Stand up and paddle along in the water and you’ll get some much needed zen time.

42. Or try out mackerel fishing.

Or try out mackerel fishing.

There are boats that take you out to sea for a spot of mackerel fishing. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous for a day with a difference you can even try to trade in your haul with a top restaurant for a three course lunch with wine! Although it’s certainly not the norm.

43. Marvel at the sunset at the burnt down west pier.

Marvel at the sunset at the burnt down west pier.


You get some beautiful sunsets stretching out in front of you across Brighton beach. And sitting in front of the burnt down west pier is one of the best places to be. Just beautiful.

44. Or see the sun go down at The Setting Sun.

Or see the sun go down at The Setting Sun.

If you’d prefer to watch the day come to an end on a pub bench with a drink in your hand, then The Setting Sun is obviously the place to head.

45. Let your hair down for one night of clubbing.

Let your hair down for one night of clubbing.


Will you regret it? Probably or maybe even most definitely. But it’s something that has to be ticked off the list at least once.

46. Stay in a kooky hotel room.

There are plenty of themed hotel rooms throughout Brighton for a stay with a difference. We recommend the Elvis room at SeaSpray or DollyWould at Peliroccofor true rock and roll boutique stays.

47. Take in a car boot sale at the Marina.

Take in a car boot sale at the Marina.


While the shops and markets dotted throughout The Lanes may have been enough shopping for you, there’s still more delights to be found at the giant car boot sales at the Marina. You can make it a fun day out with street performers and food stalls in the vicinity.

48. Become a motor head at the Classic Car Show.

Become a motor head at the Classic Car Show.


The beach side city is often full of classic cars, none more so than during the annualClassic Car Show. Perfect for spotting some beautiful motors.

49. Get involved at the Dolphin Derby at the pier.

Get involved at the Dolphin Derby at the pier.

Up to 15 players battle it out rolling balls into coloured holes which moves your dolphin through the waves, racing the other dolphins to the finish line – a prize is won every time. And yes, it is mighty good fun.

50. Wander past the skatepark on The Level.

Wander past the skatepark on The Level.

Bruno Vincent / Getty Images

Marvel at the skateboarders’ talents or take in the new paddling pool, also on The Level.

51. Reflect in one of the many yoga studios.

Reflect in one of the many yoga studios.


There are many yoga studios to choose from in the city. Or even enjoy some stretching as the sun goes down on the beach.

Things to do in Brighton in December

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Brighton Centre , Brighton and Hove

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Ticket Tariff
Admission £45.00 per ticket
Admission £35.00 per ticket

Note: Prices are a guide only and may change on a daily basis.

Opening Times

Open All Year

* 6:30pm doors


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Theatre Royal
New Road
East Sussex

Tel: +44 (0)844 8717650


One of the most popular films of all…

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Things to do in Brighton in December

December 6th



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Brighton Centre
Kings Road
East Sussex

Tel: +44 (0)844 847 1515

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If you need somewhere to stay in Brighton for a few nights mid week or a weekend, don’t forget to take a look at our Brighton accommodation via this link:  here

You can search by check in date to check out date.


Brighton Centre , Brighton and Hove

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Ticket Tariff
Admission £45.00 per ticket
Admission £35.00 per ticket

Note: Prices are a guide only and may change on a daily basis.

Opening Times

Open All Year

* 6:30pm doors


Contact Details

Theatre Royal
New Road
East Sussex

Tel: +44 (0)844 8717650


One of the most popular films of all time comes to the stage in this dazzling new production of Miracle on 34th Street the Musical.

Kris Kringle takes on the non believers in all singing , all dancing, all snowing adaptation of this festival favourite. A white bearded gentleman claiming to be the real Santa claus brings about a genuine miracle on 34th Street, spreading joy throughout New York city.


Theatre Royal Brighton, Brighton and Hove

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Ticket Tariff
Minimum of 1 Adult, 4 Tickets £60.00 per ticket

Note: Prices are a guide only and may change on a daily basis.

Opening Times

01/12/2014 – 03/12/2014

* Opening times: Evening performances at 7.30pm with matinees at 1pm on Tuesday & Wednesday


Contact Details

Royal Pavilion
4/5 Pavilion Buildings
East Sussex

Tel: +44 (0)844 8472352

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The South East’s most beautiful winter ice rink will open for its fifth year on November 8th to January 18 on the Royal Pavilion’s Eastern lawns in Brighton.

With the former Royal pleasure palace as backdrop, huge rink-side bar and restaurant and 40m terrace, the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink is beautifully lit at night and is a great choice for those wanting to skate in a beautiful setting and sit down to eat rinkside apres ice.

The 800 square metre rink has space for 250 skaters per session, with a beginners’ area, penguin skate aids and skate sizes from ‘just walking’ to adult. There’s no charge for spectating for those who prefer to sit and soak up the atmosphere in the stunning rinkside Bar & Kitchen, offering mouth-watering patisserie and festive toffee apples for a Christmas treat, a quick drink after work with the best view in the City or a full three-course meal with family and friends.

Ice skating tickets cost from £10 for adults (aged 12 and over) and £7 for juniors (children under 12) and the one-hour skate times run from 10am to 10.15pm daily. Club Rinkidinks (10am – 11am daily) offers children under 5 the chance to skate for free when accompanied onto the ice by an adult paying full price. There are also season tickets for those who want to learn to skate (check website for details) and great concessions for students. Box office is open from 9.30am to 9.45pm, but it is advisable to book tickets in advance.

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Various Venues
East Sussex


Christmas Artists Open Houses offers a chance for artists and makers to open their houses and studios, providing art lovers the opportunity to browse and buy original artwork direct from the artist. The Artists Open Houses festival is free for visitors and open to everyone.
Visitors can expect to see a wide range of art including jewellery, ceramics and textiles, paintings, sculpture, printmaking, photography and many other media whilst also having the opportunity to chat directly with the artists.

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Things to do in Brighton in October

The Lantern Fayre, The Level, Brighton – 3rd to 5th October

The Lantern Fayre is a 3 day arts, music and cinematic festival . The event features some of the best local talent and is brought to you by the Kemptown Carnival team. Featuring cinema, arts and crafts, storytelling, theatre, great food, drink, night markets, live music and circus skills workshops…lots of family fun!

VW Brighton Breeze, Madeira Drive – Saturday 4th October

Near the seafront at the Brighton Wheel, beautifully restored classic VW’s Beetle & camper vans. A Free event for all the family, Madeira Drive takes a slow paced trip back in time with stunning custom cars, stalls and events. VW owners proudly parade their restored vintage beauties.

London 2 Brighton Land Rover Run, Madeira Drive – Sunday 5th October

From the classic retro favourite of the beach scene to a Great British work horse of the countryside. Following on from Breeze, Sunday sees the equally cool Land Rover London to Brighton run. With vintage and modern Land Rovers spanning the 65 years of manufacture on display, along with activities and stalls Madeira Drive is alive with the pride of British manufacturing. A free event for all the family to enjoy.

Brighton Fashion Week – 8th to 12th October

The city of Brighton is known for its style and Brighton Fashion Week is no exception. Showcasing some of Brighton’s finest talent with eccentrically extravagant and stylish. To be viewed, across various locations throughout the city.

Brighton Comedy Festival 10th-25th October

Brighton comes alive with laughter as the Brighton Comedy Festival comes to town. If you want to have a laugh then Brighton is the place to be in October! The HUGE Brighton Comedy Festival runs from the 10th to the 25th October at some of Brighton’s best loved venues:  Jack Dee, Sean Lock, Shappi Khorsandi, Simon Amstell, Jon Richardson, Jason Bryne and Seann Walsh are all in town! Book your tickets quickly before it all sells out and of course book somewhere to stay Keystay!

Brightona 2014, Madeira Drive – Sunday 12th October

Annual motorcycle event held in aid of charity and organised by local bikers. Madeira Drive once again hosts this festival of motorcycles. Amazing custom motorcycles, live music across four stages, exhibits, stalls and much more.

Art Deco Fair, Hove Centre – Sunday 12th October

Vintage stall holders come together once again at the Hove Centre to sell original vintage homeware, clothing and jewellery from 1920’s to 1970’s. If you’re looking for that special vintage lamp or mirror to make a room complete, or if dressing vintage is your thing, the Art Deco Fair is the perfect place for a spot of shopping.

Oxjam Brighton Festival 2014 – 18th October

If you love your music, then the Oxjam Brighton Takeover is just for you. Held to raise money to help fight poverty, Oxjam with showcase over 50 live acts. Local unsigned talent as well as acts from across the country will be performing in various location in the city.

Gay Wedding Show, The De Vere Grand Hotel – Sunday 26th October

Brighton is the top location in the country for same sex weddings and  has a varied choice of venues to celebrate your special day . A wedding fayre with everything you need all under one roof.

Halloween Ghost Tour, Preston Manor – 31st October (Halloween)

What better night to discover the long history of the supernatural of Preston Manor than on Old Hallows Eve? With sightings such as The Lady in White, the disembodied hands, door knobs turning for no reason and uncanny noises in the dark it’s sure to be a truly haunting experience.

The Ghost Walk Of The Lanes, The Druids Head – 31st October (Halloween)

Do you believe in ghosts? Come and take a guide tour of Britain’s second most haunted city on the most haunted of nights. Feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise, as you are guided through the most haunted quarter of Brighton in the dark and intertwining old fishing village of the Lanes. A ‘high spirits’ tour suitable for all

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